Babak Shahrestani, DC


Q: How long have you been receiving care here?
A: I have been coming here for 15 years.

Q: You lead a very active lifestyle.  What are some injuries or
Conditions that have been helped with Chiropractic?
A: I have severely injured myself several times, including my back, neck, shoulders and knees. Getting adjusted has increased my healing ability exceptionally on all my injuries. This let's me continue my active lifestyle the way I want.

Q: How about drugs?  What is your opinion of pain meds, and why would you
rather not take them?
A: I do not take any pain meds because 0f a couple reasons. We feel pain as a warning signal from our body. Something needs rest or attention. Taking pain medication makes it possible for us to ignore our own body's signs, which will cause more damage to the injury. I feel that Pain medications make you sick. There was one occasion that I did take a pain medication and it made me feel worse than I had ever felt in my life.

Q: How would you compare your health and wellness to that of others?
A: I would say my health and wellness is much better than most people I know, I never get sick, I never get headaches and I am able to be very hard on my body and recover exceptionally well.

Q: How do you maintain a consistent spinal adjustment schedule?  Many people have excuses.  How should they get around those excuses?
A: I maintain it by doing extremely difficult physical exercise on a daily basis, which keeps me very much in touch with my body and its needs. Regarding Chiropractic who makes up excuses to not feel better?

Austin A.


Thanks for all the relief you have provided over the past few months from sciatic nerve pain.
I still have some hip discomfort sometimes, but  the leg weakness in my right leg seems to be gone
and I'm confident that it will hold me upright! The knee pain is totally gone and I am rarely bothered by shin pains.

Before I wasn't a fan of chiropractic treatment... I am now! Thanks for making me so much better!

Karolyn Zebarth

Dr. Babak (as he is affectionately called by my 3 granddaughters) is a miracle worker when it comes to overall health and fitness.
I was referred here my daughter, when my medical doctors admitted they couldn't help with my incurable abdominal condition that has me in constant pain.

So, yes, Dr. Babak was my last resort.
My first reaction was "but I don't have a bad back, nor was I in a car accident".
(I thought people went to chiropractors for sore necks or painful backs!) But I came, questioned, listened, and have considerably altered my eating habits, attitude and behavior over the past 8 months.  Wow, have I received an education!

The surprise was in the areas of improved health that I didn't expect. I now sleep through the night, have no headaches, no asthma, and my restless leg syndrome has all but vanished. My arms and hands are no longer 'asleep' when I awake every morning. My overall health is so much improved that I'm able to successfully live and work with a condition that has 'no cure' in the world of pharmaceutical medicine.
I highly recommend Dr. Babak- "try him for 6 months and see for yourself".

Kathleen Chapman

My name is Susan Smith.  I have had chiropractic treatments since I was in high school when I was participating in sports. 
I have been adjusted by  Dr. Shahrestani for about ten years, and now my husband and three daughters receive adjustments also.

My girls (8 years, 4 years, and 2 years) have been adjusted since they were newborns and they have come to love being adjusted as much as I have.  One of my daughters has cystic fibrosis and being adjusted has helped her body to deal with this genetic  disease and stay healthier than she otherwise would be. 

Another one of my daughters has had delays in gross motor skills (like sitting up, crawling, walking, etc.) but because she has been adjusted since birth, her body can function at it's most effective level to help her overcome these delays. I love being adjusted!  It makes me feel better immediately.  My favorite part is when my neck is adjusted.  I can feel my entire spine realign right away.

All of the tension (being the mother of three causes a lot of that!!)  and discomfort and restriction in my neck and back is relieved.  It is like my body goes from living in black and white to living in color. Another way I like to describe it is a feeling of warmth that begins to creep down my spine after I have been adjusted.  The blockages in my spine have ben removed and the blood can flow freely again.

Dr. Shahrestani has become more to us than just our chiropractor.  He is a friend of our family that we're very grateful for.
Being adjusted regularly is a basic way to provide your body with what it needs to work better.

Thank you Dr. Shahrestani!

I had lived in pain for many many years and was bent over at the waist. I was aching from the top of my spine to my tailbone. All the orthopedists I had ever seen would always send me to a P.T and prescribe anti-inflammatories that did nothing for my pain but almost perforated my stomach. I had been to two chiropractors before who almost completely crippled me and I was therefore not going to try another one - ever!

A friend of mine however insisted I give Doctor Shahrestani a try but I took one year to reluctantly go to him. I was taken right away by his taking the time to explain in detail what was happening to me and how he would treat my problem. Since I was in so much constant pain in my shoulder blades and walking doubled-up, I started the sessions right away. I must say that for the first two or three months I felt better but not totally well and there were still times I wondered whether to go on with this treatment or not.

However, I am glad I hung in there and my perseverance has now finally paid off. I now walk almost completely erect and have no more pain even when I work physically very hard - like lifting heavy objects, bending over, walking for several hours, working on my computer or standing in high heels
at a cocktail party! And the best thing is that I am not scared to overwork myself, knowing that - worst-case scenario - Doctor Shahrestani is there for me!

Diana Ghoukassian

Success Stories

Q.      How long have you been getting your spine adjusted?
A.     I had my first adjustment when I was 4 months old and according to my mother  I slept through the night for the first time.  I continued to receive spinal care regularly through first grade.  I have been coming here weekly since then.

Q.      How do you describe the care you receive to others?   
A.    You get to hear pops and cracks, but it is more gentle here than my prior chiropractor.

Q.      How do you feel afterward?
A.     I feel more aligned and well adjusted.

Q.      How does the care affect you on your routines?
A.     I run better in my races which helped me succeed into moving up to varsity alternate in cross country, and also when hurdling for nationals. Surfing is more comfortable, and I don't feel like my arms are going to fall off.

Q.      How do you see your health down the road?
A.     If I keep going to the chiropractor and eat my greens, I will stay healthier.  They were going to put tubes in my ears, and we avoided that.  I rarely get sick now because of this.  It helps my immune system which is important in an athlete.

Q.      How do you feel about safety of the adjusting procedure?
A.     I originally did not like the neck adjustment and it felt gross.  Now that's fine  

Michelle W.

Christopher, a happy second grader, has been receiving chiropractic care for
about 6 weeks. His mother, Becky, e-mailed the following:

"You can't imagine, or perhaps you can (!), what a difference it makes to have Christopher hop out of bed in the morning and get dressed so easily now! Imagine a thirty minute battle every morning with all of us tired, grumpy, short tempered and becoming more so minute by minute ! By the time we're out of the house; I'm angry, gritting my teeth, and feeling negative and not very "loving" towards my adorable kid !

And all at 6:30 am before an hour drive to work. What a way to start a day! ? Compare this with now, when he's up and ready to go ! He now watches the morning news on Channel 5 and gives me a minute by minute update of the time and the time remaining to "get out the door". (Instead of the other way around!)

The correction of spinal function enabled Christopher to have a healthier body. We have not changed his diet or given him any supplements. We only improved his spinal function.

To most of us this is not news as we have seen and experienced similar results. To others this may seem like an unbelievable story. Fortunately, Becky did not hesitate in getting Christopher checked, and they are both reaping the benefits.

Sophie is seven and has been going to Dr. Babak weekly since she was 22 months old. She was diagnosed at 18 months old with chronic ear infections.  We were told she had fluid on her ears and the only solution was to have tubes surgically placed in her ears.  She didn't seem like a candidate to us because it was causing her no pain, no loss of hearing, no fevers, only ear infections that made her lethargic.  After many rounds of antibiotics we decided to stop all meds and try something different.  Dr. Babak asked us to give him six months.

Abigail, at the time was three months old and was struggling with nursing - something to do with her jaw.  After trying several other options, Dr. Babak suggested that he could help her too.  I remember him mentioning evidence in her thumb?

Lindy had her first adjustment at 10 days old!

We have now been going to Dr. Babak weekly for 5 years.  Sophie is 7 and never had tubes or any other side effects from those chronic ear infections.  We made other drug-free choices along with chiropractic care to see positive results.  Abby made drastic changes very quickly and nursed perfectly fine the rest of her infancy.  Lindy is still jumping up on the table and laying her face down for her turn at 3 ½ years old.

What difference do I see with regular chiropractic care? My girls are extremely healthy.  Not healthy like they never get sick, healthy like they get sick but only for one day, with the same viruses that are putting people in bed for four days!  They have fantastic immune systems.  And using Dr. Babak's words, "It speeds up the healing process", that is exactly what we experience.  I know chiropractic care has made a huge difference for our girls!

Nancy Matossian…Sophie, Abby and Lindy's mom  :0)

Q. How would you describe our approach to health, well being and balance?
A. As a holistic model where not only is the treatment focused upon Chiropractic adjustment but is also focused upon the healing of the body as a whole; the mind, the body, the spirit.
Q. Are we different from other Chiropractors?
A. Yes, Dr, Shahrestani has the ability to go right to the area of the body's discomfort with amazing skill, "read" the source of my pain, and with healing hands effectively creates positive results.
Q. How could we improve?
A. There are certainly times during a treatment that I feel so good, almost euphoric, that I often wish the treatment would never end. Also, the energy in the office is so positive and uplifting both Melissa and Dr. Shahrestani greet you with a big smile and a warm welcome. I always look forward to a return visit.
Q. Have you learned anything? 
A. A heightened awareness and caring for my own body- valuing my health more so… much I'm sleeping much better, and that staying on course is essential.
Q. Any words of wisdom for people who are scared of Chiropractic? 
A. I am certainly aware of how people are hesitant to seek Chiropractic treatment- and I also often wonder why. Perhaps these people are looking for a quick fix or possibly had a bad experience. Chiropractic treatment works for those individuals who are dedicated to a deeper, richer, more holistic approach to health and healing….and that's for me.
My suggestion is to those whom might be scared of Chiropractic to walk through the fear of the unknown and find new possibilities in the process. Love yourself enough to allow healing.
Carla Hannahs

One of my favorite parts of each week is coming to Newport Chiropractic.
Not only do I get a great adjustment, but Melissa's sunny personality always lifts my spirits even higher and I get a lesson on health from Dr. Shahrestani.  I have learned so much about my brain and nervous system, about eating well (which I thought I already knew, but the weekly reminders always help!), how to relieve stress effectively and that happiness is a huge part of our well being.  Dr. S.  truly treats the body, mind and spirit which is what I think sets him apart from other chiropractors.

My son Zach was the first to discover Dr. S.  Some of his soccer teammates in high school were coming here and with Dr. S's love of soccer it was a perfect fit. While Zach was in college, Dr. S would come to his soccer matches and adjust him in the parking lot. Zach felt it was an important part of his training; he no longer had headaches, had an easier time focusing and had less tension in his body from everyday sports usage.  He is now a professional soccer player and continues to get adjusted.

My husband Michael also started to see Dr. S. years ago.  At first he came only for the aches and pains. Noticing that he felt better longer after adjustments, he realized it was important to maintain his overall health by weekly adjustments and not just when he 'tweaked' his back.                               
I started having pain in my elbow, and it progressed to the point where I couldn't even lift up a coffee cup.  I didn't want pain pills or physical therapy, so I did nothing for it. One day (after being in pain for about a year) I decided to go with Michael and watch while he was getting adjusted.  I had always been afraid of the neck 'cracking' and didn't think it could help my elbow.  But Dr. S asked when I would like to make an appointment and I felt the time had come to get over my fear and try what everyone else was enjoying.  

At first I came 3 times a week, which I thought I could never fit into my schedule.  I made it a priority in my life, I knew it was making a difference and I was learning so much each visit.  After about 3 months I couldn't remember what that elbow pain felt like anymore and I knew I was feeling better in all aspects of my life. I came to Newport Chiropractic because of my son and husband (and elbow), but I have stayed here because I believe Dr. S. is a true healer.

Jodi Wells

 "Why do you get regular spinal check-ups?"  I have been exercising regularly for the past four years.  The adjustments help keep me moving and help me move more than I thought I could.  I have started running and never imagined that I could with the stiffness in my joints I had a few short years ago.

"What brought you here? I had ongoing headaches that never seemed to stop.  I just got used to them.  I finally reached the point of complete stiffness in my neck and shoulders and figured an adjustment would help.  The adjustment also helped my headaches.

"How has this lifestyle affected your daily routines?  More energy, less pain, better posture, less illness, better sleep, symptoms resolved? All of the above.  Definitely more energy, no more daily ongoing headaches.  Better general health. No more dairy has helped me feel leaner, I can breath, no more congestion and I also have less tarter build up. I'm not mouth breathing at night as much because, I am able to breath through my nose now that I am not on dairy.

"How do you picture yourself 5, 10, 20, 50 years down the road?  More fit. More active. Happy!

We've known each other for 16 years. You've been a part of so much of the "tapestry" of our lives. You faithfully came to see Arnie through his illness. You've adjusted me and my 3 sons and their wives, my mother, my grandson, my in-laws and sister and brother too. There are 4 generations of family members that have come to this office and had the care provided by you and your staff.

I appreciate all the professional care and concern that you've given my family.
You're not only a doctor but a good friend. That personal touch is missing in the medical field today.  It is sad to say that caring is gone from the field of health care, and we are merely a statistic or experiment to most doctors.

I believe in what's going on in this office, because I have seen it work from the adjustments. Through the years you have educated me about the benefits of alternative care versus the typical medical approach of examining you and giving you a prescription to take care of all your problems.  It is not that I do not believe in medicine, but in given circumstances there is an alternative approach.

Our friendship started as you came to watch so many of Ryan's Soccer games, and we all have so many wonderful memories of those times.  You have seen my family go through births, deaths, graduation and marriages.  In the good times and the hard times God has been our strength, peace and joy!
God never wastes anything that goes on in our lives. He has a plan and purpose to better our lives and the world we live in.
Thank you for your faithful service and for being a part of our lives for so many years.

Shirley Futagaki

I first sought chiropractic care in February, 2005 when I was suffering from chronic discomfort in my neck and shoulders.  The discomfort had become so bad that I was almost desperate for a solution.  I was motivated to seek help because I was facing an overnight flight for a business trip and almost could not bear the thought of sitting in an airline seat all night in pain. 

I saw Dr. Shahrestani on the recommendation of a massage therapist, who told me she could not imagine the discomfort that I was living with and that I needed treatment.  Although I was skeptical, like I said, I was desperate.  When I saw the x-rays of my spine I became convinced that something needed to be done immediately.  I started seeing Dr. S three times a week initially.

Over a period of months, my quality of life improved dramatically.  The pain in my neck and shoulders did not disappear immediately, but did so gradually over time.  However, the hope that came from having even one or two pain-free days made me want to keep going.  Eventually, the days I suffered were the exception, not the rule.

In addition, I began to have a better "dialogue" of the inner workings of my body and a better understanding of how everything fits together.  I am more self-aware and more conscious of making healthy choices.  Because I feel better overall, I want to continue my improvement. 
I recently encouraged my husband to seek help with some chronic pains that he has, and he has been seeing Dr. S regularly as well.  I can tell that chiropractic care has improved his quality of life and that he is making steady progress.  I think he was motivated to go because I was suddenly no longer suffering after many years of pain and discomfort.  Now, however, he is motivated by the progress that he is making himself.

I also appreciate that Dr. S takes a "holistic" approach.  I am dedicated to my exercise and run regularly.  I dreaded being told that I would have to quit running or have to give up my long runs, but Dr. S has never told me anything like that.  To the contrary, he encourages my running as part of a healthy lifestyle and gives me confidence that he can keep me in running condition for many years to come.

Julie M.